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We Love Our Animals and What We Do!

We and our families are animal lovers who will show your pets just as much love and understanding as we show our own!

When walking your dogs we will provide poo bags and ensure any mess is cleared up after us.

When walking your dogs we never walk more than 4 dogs per handler at any time and we track the walks when walking them so you know how far they have been walked.

When looking in on your pets we will ensure your houses are kept as we find them, safe and secure and we will not give out any personal details to anyone outside our staff.

Whilst having your pets as our guests we will ensure a safe and loving stay and care for their individual needs as best we can!


We offer two sessions for a walk where we will walk your dog with others or on their own whichever they and you would prefer!

We go to the field, the woods and the river.

Click below to see our prices and session lengths!

House visits

Out for the day? No need to worry about your pets, we can come to your house to clean any small animal hutches/cages, to feed your pets, or even to give them a bit of company while you are away!

We also offer day visits to one of our houses if you need someone to be with your animals.

Click below to find our prices!

Holiday stays

While you go away on holiday, your pets have the option to come to our homes for a little holiday of their own!

Whether it is just a weekend or an extended stay we have you covered!

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