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We offer two walks;

We offer a group walk, where other dogs will be joining your dog or we offer an individual walk if your dog needs a 1:1 approach! Please let us know when you book with us which you would prefer.

Group walks-

1 hour session - £12

30 minute session -£8

An additional dog from the same family is (for group walks);

1 hour session - £5

30 minute session - £3

Individual/ 1:1 walks-

1 hour session- £14

30 minute session - £10

We clean up after the dogs and keep to the public footpaths and areas. When taking your dogs for a walk, we will provide photos of your dog (with your given consent) on pick up and drop off and track the routes we go on.

We also never walk more than 4 dogs per handler at any given time.

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